Give you best gift for players in FIFA 15

The Christmas shopping season has already begun, ever since the enticing Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales opened.It looks like the entire month of December is now dedicated to shopping every year and, when everyone is busy, with the other stuff; gamers in the UK have been feverishly buying FIFA 15, even though the game got released only a couple weeks ago.


Surprisingly, even new entrants, including the much touted open world racing game The Crew from Ubisoft has opened only at the sixth. But, Electronic Arts have taken the lead during the much awaited shopping season with not another grand AAA title, but rather a soccer game that is best known for its commentary and stylish presentation. Its rival PES 2015 never had a strong run in the West, so it hardly counts here.

FIFA 15 continues to be the crowned king for multiple weeks and it’s back in the top one position one more time in the United Kingdom. It is technically the third time in 2014 that the football game managed to bag the first position within six weeks or so.

Competition is Strong

Even though, FIFA 15 is in the lead, it has a really stiff competition with many amazing and popular franchises lining below. And wherever you buy FIFA 15 coins, you can ecperience enthusiasm of FIFA 15. So even a slight drop in the sales would easily pave way for others to come up to dethrone the football title. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare which was in the first position is now in second while Grand Theft Auto 5 is now at third.

Both of them are equally promising games and noteworthy titles available on the new generation Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Another Ubisoft new entry Far Cry 4 is ironically at the fourth place even though it has received amazing reviews for the beautifully rendered world, open world game play and many other notable features in this long running series.

New Promo

While it is already going strong, Electronic Arts has already revealed a new promo for FIFA 15 featuring Messi. The special holiday edition of the game will grant extra points that players can use in the Ultimate team while it also features Messi as a FUT player as well as some additional goodies. The discounts on next gen consoles are still running and heavy price drop has made Xbox One the best-selling consoles in November, but it is yet to be seen how it fares in December.

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